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Stepping Out is a constituted Community Group based in Bridport, West Dorset. The overarching aim of the Group is to help members with their recovery, during and after their cancer diagnosis, by the provision of a group exercise and well-being Scheme.

One of our participants said “There is a special significance in exercising with a group of people who have gone through similar experiences in their cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The empathy and social side of Stepping Out maintains the motivation and makes it so much more enjoyable - especially now when we can’t be together physically."

Another, Jan, said " Meeting every week with a group of cheerful people and supported and encouraged by two sympathetic and positive leaders is the best after care anyone can ever wish for".

Whilst Sheila says, "Stepping Out has been a lifeline for me since my cancer diagnosis. Not only has it helped my recovery by keeping me fit, Jo and Richard have been a huge support. I can't thank them, and other Stepping Outers enough".


What's on offer?

Stepping Out classes are designed and delivered by qualified Level 4 Exercise and Cancer Rehabilitation Instructors.

The aim is to improve strength, flexibility, balance, overall fitness and general wellbeing, by being part of a supportive and friendly Group.

During the current Coronavirus pandemic, Group classes are being delivered online using video conferencing. The sessions last for 40 minutes.

During the coming weeks, additional classes delivered by specialist instructors in activities such as Pilates, Relaxation and Meditation and Tripudio movement systems will be added into the programme.

When does it take place?

During the current Coronavirus situation, a whole group class is held on Mondays, starting at 10am, with two classes on Fridays starting at 10am and 11am.

The classes are held online via video conferencing, so you can take part from the safety of your own home.

If you have never tried video conferencing before, we can help you to set this up; all you need is a mobile phone, a tablet such as an i-pad, or a laptop.


What does it cost?

Stepping Out sessions are free to anyone who has received a cancer diagnosis, whether you have just been diagnosed or finished treatment a while ago.

You just need to be referred by your GP, cancer nurse specialist or other health professional.

For more information, please contact our Programme Manager, Jo Perfect, whose contact details are below.

Contact:- Jo Perfect

Stepping Out Programme Manager

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